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   It took a few months to design this web site and get it rolling. I had to give some thought to how I wanted to present my music going forward. I've had to consider how I send music to 3rd party services and whether or not they benefit my fans. There are services that have been beneficial as well, and I will continue with those, yet my fans need a place to get the music directly and have a chance to support my music, and I've decided that going forward indefinitely my fans will have a place to find my music, download or stream in the highest resolution.

    Fans who come here directly will be able to hear the new singles as soon as I record them, see the videos before everyone else and also will be able to stream the songs weeks or even months in advance before they land at these major streaming services. I'll keep some of my music on those platforms for now for discovery purposes yet going forward my reliance on them will be little to none. My years of experience show a lot of pay to play scams, artists bragging on social media about their purchased play counts with little transparency.  services that don't benefit my fans or myself, and also paltry payouts. I'm not trying to be negative here, I'm going off my experience with my prior project, I had to take note of what was not benefitting the music and I had to listen to my fans who were asking for a way to support my efforts. 

   This new system is my home base, it all starts here and it allows me to much more easily reward my top fans with music and physical items. I love being able to send you albums, downloads, shirts, and more. My subscribers will get the tracks and videos earlier than they would through the normal digital channels and be notified. They can also have a direct input into contacting me and be able to help press the CDs and Vinyl. This will lead to a more fulfilling experience for everyone. 



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