Quotes from ROOM 6 Las Vegas Music Review

“Starting off with ‘Marc of Antarez’ a tune that is all about um..well Marc might seem a little self aggrandizing but he’s singing about himself and I say why not?”

“This collection of tracks stays true to Marc’s songwriting style while opening up new avenues of lyrical expression previously unheard of from him. All in all a great collection for a road trip like the title says. “ 

“The boldly titled “Never Gonna Change” started off sounding like the Cure, and somehow ended up sounding like U2 from the 80’s. Mellow and upbeat at the same time.” 

“In My Travels” (Sonic Thump Version) finishes off the album revamping a tune we’ve already heard on this album. Marc’s ability to rewrite his own songs and fearlessness of putting it on the same album, for some reason the same exact lyrics in this version seem to be looking forward instead of back.” 

“Turning the phase effect up to 11 ‘Can’t Predict the Future’ cranks up the space rock reminding me of quite a few tunes on his previous work. Familiar and unique at the same time, it was both comforting and interesting.” 

“With ‘Take a New Path’ Marc opens up his songwriter toolbox a little bit more and introduces layered vocals and some deeper instrumentation along with a really great instrumental break.” 

“Song #6 is ‘Don’t Know What’s Best For Me’ and I can definitely relate to that title. Here we get a little bit of country and a little bit of rocknroll. I was reminded a little bit of the Eagles.” 

“The seventh track on the album is ‘Repose’ an appropriately named tune that is perfect for just kickin back and chillin out while thinking about this spaceship that we’re all on.” 

“Next up is ‘Tale of the Dragon’. 

Keeping some of the same vibe from ‘In My Travels’ but with a definitely different atmosphere, appropriately placed music breaks, the listener is forced to pay attention.” 

“The 4th track is ‘In My Travels’ with vocals dripping reverb and a drumbeat reminiscent of the British Invasion. The lyrics take us on a trip down memory lane giving us an insight into what experiences have shaped Marc into the man he is today.” 

“Moving on to ‘Ultrawave’ the first song with its  own music video that is available to any subscribers on his web site, (link is in description) we get a little more of the trippy psychedelic that we know and love. Something about this song makes me want to take a VW bug down the pacific coast highway and just catch some waves.” 

“Song #2 is ‘Going All Out’. Another peppy little ditty bouncing between tempos with plenty of room for Marc’s lyrics such as “Great times again, Going all out for friends”. A nice tune to listen to while remembering when we could actually hang out with our friends.” 


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