Facing the Music in a Changed World

Before Covid19 hit I had just started performing live again.  At the time I was becoming accustomed to living in a new city and found a series of open mics at the Artisan in downtown Las Vegas. It was fun performing was a new moniker in front of a packed and receptive crowd.

Last summer I was working full time and it was challenging. Even then I still got to witness history as we all did in our own way. In my unique experience seeing the daily hustle and bustle of the strip shut down entirely was surreal to say the least. Quarantining at home gave me a small window of time to work on my recordings and I was able to finish the project that became Road Trip Rocker. 

I want to play live and to see people and enjoy the crowd again. It has been heartbreaking to see the disastrous events of the world unfold this year between the virus, racial inequality and the heartbreaking tragedies people killed by this virus and by senseless violence and attitudes of bigotry. I've also seen signs of hope where people have came together to accomplish needed reforms and changes. My wish is for people to not feel sick anymore, and equality embraced in a more inclusive society that can respect and build each other up. 

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