Welcoming fans of Sodacon

Hi friend hope your day is well and have had a rockin start of your week. 

I'm pleased to report that my album "Road Trip Rocker" is ready to be released. This is also an update for anyone who may have followed my past music project Sodacon, I have great memories of the shows we played in Salt Lake City, and I appreciate the guys who played with me during the band versions. Thank you for attending our shows and for supporting the music. It was a time that I won't forget, I especially enjoyed the sets when we Sun Valley Idaho and San Francisco.  

I enjoyed the recordings of SpaceArtRock and finding my new mixing style with tracks from Paradox and Desert Life in 2018. It is important that I communicate this information with my fans, it's certainly bittersweet for me and I can't rule out additional albums from that project in the future. Lately I've been more of a solo artist and that is where I'll continue my focus. 

Please enjoy a download of new single "Never Gonna Change". I'll soon have a section on the site where those albums can still be jammed. For the near term maybe longer I'll be performing and releasing music as Marc Antarez and I hope you enjoy the new project. This new system benefits my long term followers greatly and will reward them with new music and items. My latest music and different versions of tracks and video will always be available here on the site weeks or month before release in digital stores.  

All future communications will now be directly from marcantarez.com. I have an album ready to release on to vinyl, CD, and cassette. With your help we can make this rockin album a reality on vinyl.   

I appreciate your continued support. Any questions I am always here and I hope to hear from you. Stay safe out there and be at peace in your life.   

Marc Antarez

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