"The 4th track 'In My Travels' with vocals dripping reverb and a drumbeat reminiscent of the British Invasion. The lyrics take us on a trip down memory lane giving us insight into what experiences have shaped Marc into the man he is today." ~ROOM 6 Las Vegas

Jesse "El Capitan" Crawford created Sodacon over a decade ago as an outlet for creating space rock while experimenting with electronic music and analog instrumentation. His well crafted high quality produced tracks mix well with stunning artistic visuals to allow for many repeat listens. His exciting performances have brought joyous memories to his fans. 

He's had tracks like "Low Profile" played by radio stations, songs like "Long Memory" featured in commercials, even gaining national success, and winning a band battle raising money for the homeless while jumping off the walls and swinging his guitar around. Behind the music there are those who would say he's shown stellar qualities, a reliable friend, family man and support of his fellow artists. 

Over the years he refined his sound to focus on superb songwriting and clean dynamic range recordings. The Sodacon Music label continues to churn out many tracks between alt rock projects like Sodacon showcasing his voice. He also collaborated with artists worldwide and has side projects including the instrumental Rockin Womp. Crawford continues to show that music is his life while displaying his mastery on guitar and more recently on electronic music production. While it is true that he had to walk down a long dark road in his life before he could even start recording his music, he has now earned his spot alongside the more prolific performers, songwriters and producers of this era. 

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