Road Trip Rocker

Marc Antarez

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Road Trip Rocker

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Road Trip Rocker is a collection of tape phased acoustic rock tracks. The road trip journey starts in the heart of the city. The 80's style rock track is a build up of energy breaking into verse character walking in a new city. It's a haunting synthesque jaunt into a set of unknowns. The first track sets the tone and fits in with the next set of tracks yet is nothing like the rest of the album.

From the second track onward RTR follows a pathway of pop rock and indie pop with solid hooks. With many tracks originally written the intense focus on just the ten gives a cohesive feel to the tape phased feeling. Certain sections feel spacey yet with a balanced mix overall average of 14 DR. (dynamic range)

After the indie pop hooks of 3 and 4 track 5 Tale of the Dragon onward gives more of a folkish rock phasing that portrays energetic vocal performances and feelings. Driving down the 215 adds to the RTR theme and gives the listener a mental edge if they take a road trip of 40 minutes or longer a relaxing drive while listening to these tracks.

Repose gives an acoustic melancholy feel yet surprisingly rock and phase driven with acoustic and soloing. 8 through 10 talk about the state of things as they are today, brining even more upbeat rhythms and phases with Can't Predict the Future and finishing with super mix Never Gonna Change. Recommended format listening (cassette).

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